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teddy bears

Steiff teddy bears are the gold-standard. This luxury German brand features top-of-the-line details including mohair fur (the most desirable fur type), hand-embroidered features and jointed limbs. Collectors love these bears so much so that a Steiff Teddy Girl once sold for $171,600 at a Christie's auction.

Vermont Teddy Bear
Tons of Vermont-made teddy bears for all occasions, plus, you can custom design your own teddy bear outfit and they'll make it.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
This chain, found in malls across the country, allows you to customize your own stuffed animal (not just bears) with various outfits, sounds and other personalized touches.

Wacky Bear Factory
Another mall chain similar to the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Basic Brown Bear Factory
A San Francisco build-a-bear factory.

Boyds Bears
A very collectible line of teddy bears and stuffed friends.