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novelty toys & gag gifts

This store carries tons of gag and novelty gifts (Chucky dolls, phony lottery tickets, remote controlled fart machines) as well as party props (disco balls, star laser light room projectors, beerpong tables, rock band "Kiss"-themed bar stools). Spencer's also stocks adult-oriented game and novelty items, including pole-dancing kits, sexy coupon books, chocolate body paint and edible g-strings.

Categories at this store include Weird Japanese Stuff, Disgusting Candy, Worst Sellers and Stupid Animal Toys. They also have a great Political Toys section that includes talking Ann Coulter action figures, a Hillary nutcracker (pictured at left), an Obama Yes We Can Opener, George Bush and Michael Moore dog toys and Sarah Palin watches.

Artie McPhee
This Seattle novelty store carries all kinds of weird items, including watermelon-flavored Sigmund Freud head lollipops, fiber optic mullet wigs, horrified B-movie victim action figures and gummy tapeworms. They even have an entire section entirely devoted to Bacon (bacon-flavored dental floss and jelly beans, bacon-shaped bandages, bacon air freshener, etc.)