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why buy european toys?

For parents who are tired of the gaudy, noisy, character-branded, plastic offerings at most toy stores, European or European-inspired toys by companies such as Haba, Vilac, BlaBla and Djeco offer a great alternative. These traditional, aesthetically-pleasing toys are often made of maple and beech hardwoods, natural fibers and other high-quality materials.

natural & wooden european toys

The site says it best: "No batteries. No blinking lights. No cartoon-themed toys. Period." European brands include Kaloo, Jellycat, Kettler, Vilac, BlaBla, Djeco, Haba, etc.
Free Shipping on all orders over $65.

Moolka Toys
This fabulous store sells European toys for young children under 10. Brands include Haba, BlaBla, Djeco, Kathe Kruse, Selecta and others.
Free Shipping on all orders over $60.

Grasshopper Store
This Portland, Oregon store carries design-oriented toys like these vintage-print wooden blocks by notNeutral. Toys are non-toxic and made primariy from renewable resources. You'll find the best selection for babies through the preschool set, but they also carry items for children up to age 10.

Worldwide Child
Banish the plastic! This excellent store carries eco-friendly, all natural, fairly-traded toys (meaning that the workers and artisans who produce the toys in developing countries are paid a living wage for their work).
Free Shipping on all orders over $65.

Rabbit & Duck
Another great store that specializes in classic & wooden European toys.

Nico & Zoe
Specializes in high-quality, small-production and artisan made toys including solid walnut baby rattles and handmade cloth dolls.

Little Wonderland
The Wooden Wagon
A Toy Garden
Rosie Hippos
Walking Stick Toys
North Star Toys
Island Treasure Toys
Nova Natural