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handcrafted jigsaw puzzles

Stave Puzzles
Steve Richardson's beautiful Vermont-made, hand cut, cherry-backed wooden jigsaw puzzles have no equal. Customers have included Barbara Bush, Stephen King and Bill & Melinda Gates, who says "we usually have one or two Stave puzzles on vacation or during the holidays." The puzzles are designed for adults, and most are maddeningly difficult, but a custom kid-friendly puzzle can be made to your own specifications using your own photo or artwork.

Elms Puzzles
This Maine company makes hand cut mahogany plywood jigsaw puzzles. You can pick from their ready-made designs or have a custom puzzle made from your own photo, but the best feature of this store is its money-saving puzzle rental program.

J.C. Ayer & Co.
Jim Ayer uses computer-controlled water jets to cut his pre-designed and custom hardwood puzzles. His puzzles are a more affordable alternative to Stave Puzzles.

MGC Puzzles
Mark Cappitella of East Haddam, CT, is another highly-regarded puzzle designer. His puzzles are beautiful, but navigating his website can be a bit of a challenge.