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With the hundreds of brands of "premium" dog and cat foods out there, how can you tell which ones are the best? Here's an easy trick: look at the first 5 ingredients on the label. Then, ask yourself, would I want to eat this myself?

Here's an example: The first five ingredients in a can of Chicken Soup brand dog food are chicken, turkey, chicken broth, duck and salmon. The first five ingredients in a can of Purina One dog food are water sufficient for processing, beef, chicken, liver and meat by-products.

When looking for a dry dog food, make sure the first five ingredients are primarily meats or meat meals (i.e. chicken meal) and not corn-derived ingredients, since corn is not easily digestible by dogs. Cats should eat a diet primarily consisting of canned or wet food, not dry food, which is lacking in necessary moisture and is high in unwanted carbs.
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PetFoodDirect.com's free shipping department offers free delivery on all-natural frozen dog and cat foods (cooked or raw varieties) by Butch, Bravo, Country Pet, Nature's Logic, Nature's Variety and Primal.

pet food

Carries a vast selection of all-natural dog and cat foods including Chicken Soup and Canidae, two of the best-priced all-natural options. Other well-regarded brands are Wellness, which uses 100% human grade ingredients and USDA-inspected meats and Merrick, which adds freeze-dried fruits and veggies to its cooked kibble. Pet Food Direct also offers great organic, vegetarian, raw, frozen, veterinary diet and allergy-sensitive foods. The key to finding a good dog food is reading the ingredients on the label, and Pet Food Direct makes that easy by listing all the ingredients on each product page. The store offers an auto-ship program that saves you 10% on all your food orders. You'll get the best shipping rates if you live in the Northeast. Those living on the West Coast may find the shipping rates there to be rather steep. The store also carries food & supplies for wild birds, birds, fishs, reptiles and small animals.

National Pet Pharmacy Logo 125x125 National Pet Pharmacy
Both Pet Food Direct and its sister site National Pet Pharmacy have the same products, prices and shipping fees. The only difference is that National Pet Pharmacy also specializes in prescription and non-prescription medications. So which site should you choose? Compare each site's coupons to see which store is currently offering the better discount.

Only Natural Pet
With their dozens of pet food brands ranging from budget-priced Alpo to ultra-premium Karma, Pet Food Direct and National Pet Pharmacy can sometimes be too much of a good thing. This store narrows it down to a selection of some of the best natural and organic pet food brands on the market -- Wellness, Halo, Chicken Soup, Organix, Karma.... They also carry several brands that the others don't have, including Party Animal, Dr. Harvey's, Healthwise and Tiki Cat. The food ships from Boulder, Colorado making this a good choice for West Coast customers.

Waggin' Tails
Like Only Natural Pet, this store carries dozens of brands of natural, organic, fresh-frozen, starter bases and raw foods for dogs and cats.

Starter Bases

Sojos - Sojourner Farms makes European-style dog and cat food (organic, grain or grain-free blends containing herbs, nuts, seeds & vegetables) that you mix with meat from your grocery store. You can also add fresh veggies and healthy table scraps.
Free shipping on all pet food orders.

Only Natural Pet - Carries vegetarian and non-vegetarian starter bases by Honest Kitchen, Sojos, Dr. Harvey's and Solid Gold Holistique Blendz. You add the meat and fresh veggies.

Waggin' Tails - Also carries starter bases by Sojourner Farms (Sojos), Dr. Harvey's, Solid Gold Holistique Blendz and Honest Kitchen.

Local Delivery

Spot! Los Angeles - If you live in the L.A. area, this S. Robertson Blvd. pet boutique will deliver all natural pet foods (Karma, Canidae, California Natural, Chicken Soup, etc.) to your door for free with $50 purchase.