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Sharper Image
Known for its gift-worthy gadgets and high-tech products including massage chairs and Ionic Breeze air purifiers.

Hammacher Schlemmer
No newcomer to the gadget scene, Hammacher has been "the place to go for things hard to find" since 1848. Hammacher Schlemmer's "The Best" category features only products that have been rigorously tested and determined to be the best in the industry. Featured "best" items have included paper shredders, coffee grinders, swim goggles and headphones. All items in their store come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee -- you can return anything, any time, for any reason.

Similar to Sharper Image, but with less emphasis on high-technology and gadgetry and more emphasis on hard-to-find tools and practical, problem solving items. This is the place to find obscure items like a step ladder that morphs into a hand cart or a travel ionic hair dryer.

Richard Solo - After 30 years as the founder and CEO of Sharper Image, Richard Thalheimer launches his own online gadget store.

Herrington Catalog - An enthusiast's catalog similar to Hammacher Schlemmer featuring gadgets and gifts.