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Build up to 100 of your own radio stations -- with only the artists and songs you like -- for free! Pandora suggests songs to add to your station based on your likes and dislikes -- and you can add or remove these from your list as you please. You can't play these radio stations in your car or on any portable devices (like an iPod), but you can play them on your computer. With a little technical know-how (learn more on Pandora's site) you can also play Pandora on your home stereo system or FM radio. The free version has ads; the ad-free version requires a paid subscription.

Very similar to Pandora, except whereas Pandora recommends songs based on their technical qualities (i.e. if you like this song, here's another song with a similar melody), Last.fm's recommendations are socially-filtered (i.e. people who liked this song also liked...).

Similar to Pandora and Last.fm, but this site allows you to play your free personalized radio stations 'on the go' using a Slacker Portable Player or in the car using a Slacker Satellite Car Kit.

You Tube
A great place to explore new music for free. Tons of music videos can be viewed here.