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how does it work?

Most DVD rental services operate on basically the same business model. First you choose a membership plan that suits your viewing habits. With the two most basic plans you can:
1) Rent two videos a month


2) Rent as many videos as you want each month, but you can only have one rental out at a time.

More avid movie-goers can choose other, more generous plans. No matter which plan you choose, rentals can be kept for as long as you want. There are no due dates or late fees. When you are ready to return a rental, you can mail it back in the convenient pre-paid envelope that comes with each rental.

When your returned DVD is received, the company will immediately ship out the next movie on your wish list.

dvd rentals

Netflix, Inc. Netflix.com
Far and away the most popular choice. Netflix has more titles than Blockbuster (Netflix's 100,000+ vs Blockbuster's 80,000+) and their super-efficient distribution network means that 90 percent of their members receive their DVDs within one business-day. Most rental plans also allow you to watch an unlimited number of movies instantly on your computer.
No adult titles.

At last check, Blockbuster's rental plans are competitive with or are cheaper than Netflix's. Blockbuster also offers an additional option. For a couple more bucks more per month, you can have the option of returning your DVDs by mail OR in-store. If you go to the store, you can immediately exchange your viewed DVD for a new one. Unlike the mailed DVDs, any in-store rentals you take advantage of are subject to due dates and late fees.
No adult or NC-17 titles.

Similar to Netflix and Blockbuster, but with fewer titles (50,000). Known for its selection of foreign, independent and rare titles (but also carries mainstream and new releases).
Carries adult titles.

The following stores specialize in genre-specific titles.

Christian Cinema - Christian & family friendly rentals.