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money saving tip

Want to know which store offers the lowest bottom line price on your DVD (including tax & shipping)? Use a Comparison Shopping Site.


Deep Discount
When I compared the price + shipping costs of 6 DVDs at the 8 stores listed on this page, I found that Deep Discount performed the best. Deep Discount had the lowest prices 4 out of 6 times.
Free shipping on all orders in the US.

On orders over $25, Amazon is sometimes competitive with Deep Discount.
Free shipping on eligible music, book, DVD/VHS and video game orders over $25.

Family Video
Family Video came in a distant third place in my mini price comparison test.
$.99 flat fee shipping on all orders.

Buy.com - Like Amazon, Buy.com offers free shipping on $25 orders, but in my price comparison test Buy.com's prices were usually higher than Amazon's.

WalMart - At first glance, WalMart's prices appear to be some of the lowest, but their lack of a free shipping policy offsets the savings.

Barnes & Noble - Had some of the highest prices in my price comparison test, but Barnes & Noble's 2-day free shipping on orders over $25 make it a worthwhile choice for those who need their order fast.

Borders - Free shipping on $25 orders. It's really worthwhile to sign up for their email newsletter. Every week or so you get a great coupon like 30% off any single item or 40% off CDs.

BestPrices.com - An average performer in my price comparison test.

Best Buy - An average performer in my price comparison test.