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money saving tip

Want to know which store offers the lowest bottom line price on your game (including tax & shipping)? Use a Comparison Shopping Site.

new video & pc games

Deep Discount
When I compared the price + shipping costs of five video games at several stores on the web, Deep Discount (3 times out of 5) had the lowest prices.
Free shipping on all orders.

Family Video
The site is somewhat scrappy and bare-bones, but in my mini price comparison test Family Video came in second place after Deep Discount. Family Video's price + shipping totals were lowest 2 out of 5 times.
$.99 flat fee shipping on all orders.

After Deep Discount and Family Video, Amazon.com came in third in my price comparison test.
Free shipping on orders over $25.

Buy.com Buy.com
Buy.com performed the fourth best in my price comparison test. Buy.com's prices are very competitive. My one complaint with this site is their confusing shipping policies. Games marked with a yellow truck icon ship free. Games marked with a brown truck icon qualify for free shipping on $75 game orders. And other games don't quality for free shipping at all.
Free Shipping on qualifying game orders over $75.

GameStop / EB Games
Found in malls across the country, these two new & used video game stores merged in 2006. While you usually won't find the lowest prices here, you will find a well-organized site that is great for browsing. Here you'll find tons of helpful customer reviews, screen shots and links to off-site articles.

At first glance, Walmart's prices appear to be among the lowest, but once you add on Walmart's shipping fees, Family Video, Deep Discount and Amazon almost always comes out on top.

Target's prices fail to be competitive. You're better off trying Deep Discount, Family Video or Amazon.

Best Buy
Best Buy's prices fail to be competitive.