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rebate & cash back shopping

Jellyfish is my #1 pick for this reason -- it is a comparison shopping site and a cash back shopping site rolled into one. Not only can you see what multiple stores are charging for the same digital camera, you'll also get cash back on your purchase. Jellyfish sends you a check as soon as your cash back earnings reach above $10. Has one of the largest selection of stores to choose from.

eBates is a free shopping directory that links to hundreds of the web's most popular stores. Each time you click on one of these links and make a purchase, you automatically get cash back. The amount you receive depends on the store. For example, you'll get 3% back on purchases at Circuit City, Banana Republic or Nordstrom, 6% at PETCO and 12% at FTD.com. Your cash back earnings are kept in your ebates account. Every three months, if your earnings total more than $5, eBates will cut you a check. If your earnings are $5 or less, ebates will hold your earnings and carry it over towards your next check.

Operates like Ebates, but you must earn $10 before they will cut you a check. Alternately, you can have your earnings sent to your PayPal account instead and the $10 minimum is waived. Unlike eBates, which cuts checks only 4 times a year, FatWallet sends out its rebate checks weekly. The site is known for its excellent forums where you can get all sorts of shopping tips and deal alerts.

Operates like Ebates, but instead of getting cash back, you redeem your rewards points for your choice of gift cards for over 100 stores. You can also earn rewards points by taking surveys, playing games, searching the web and more...

Upromise - Have your cash back rewards earned by shopping at 500+ online stores automatically deposited into a tax-saving Upromise College Fund 529 Plan. If you get a Upromise rewards credit card, you can earn even more.

BabyMint - Similar to Upromise, but BabyMint gives you more flexibility in terms of what type of college savings plan you want to invest in.

Little Grad - Similar to Upromise, but Little Grad gives you more flexibility in terms of what type of college savings plan you want to invest in.

BondRewards- Your earnings are converted into U.S. Savings Bonds. Savings Bonds have tax advantages when used towards education expenses. BondRewards pays you significantly more (3 times more on average, according to their website) compared to other rebate shopping sites like Ebates, Upromise and BabyMint.