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luxury department stores

Bergdorf Goodman
The most elite and exclusive of the bunch. Bergdorf has just one store - on New York's Fifth Avenue.

Neiman Marcus
Dallas-based luxury department store chain on par with Bergdorfs (which Neiman Marcus also owns).

Saks Fifth Avenue
After a disastrous bid to court a younger, edgier crowd, Saks is refocusing on its core customer: the 35-50 year-old with a classic fashion sense. Saks' flagship store is located on New York's Fifth Avenue, but it also has dozens of satellite stores throughout the country.

Barneys New York
Known for being trendier, edgier and younger than more traditional competitors like Saks. A favorite with young socialites & celebs. The flagship is on New York's Madison Ave., but Barneys also has a handful of stores in other major cities.

NYC-based chain that's a notch below Barneys, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorfs.

Like Bloomingdale's, this West Coast-based chain is a notch below Barneys, Saks, etc. Nordstrom is famous for its customer service and generous return policy.

This online luxury catalog bills itself as a virtual "'first floor' of a department store, which traditionally displayed only the best of the best to a discriminating clientele." A good place to go for gifts.