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List the books you want to give away. When somebody requests your book, you ship it (on your dime) and get a point. Use your points to get the books you want -- each book costs a point and shipping is free. This site has a great selection - over 920,000 books at last check.

Works like PaperBackSwap, but you also get a bonus point for every ten books you list.

What's on my Bookshelf?
Instead of the 1 book = 1 point system used at the above sites, this site uses a weighted point system which assigns higher value books more points. You also get 1 point for every 5 books you list. The downside is that this site doesn't have a very large selection.

All trades are free, but shipping costs $4.49 for each book you receive. You pay nothing for books you ship out. Unlike most sites, shipments are automatically tracked through USPS to prevent shipping mishaps. New members get three free books to start. Bookins uses a weighted point system, with higher value books receiving more points.

Swap Simple
This site allows you to trade books, DVDs and video games, but it charges a $1-$2 service fee on trades of many items.

Readers United
You pay postage to send out a book, but receiving a book is free. Uses a weighted credit system. Credits are earned each time you send out a book or refer a friend to the site.