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audiobook downloads

Purchasing an audiobook download is significantly cheaper than purchasing a traditional books-on-CD set. You can instantly download an audiobook onto your computer, iPod, cell phone, or one of over 200 compatible devices (Audible's downloads are .aa files, which are compatible with many, but not all devices). Downloads can also be burned onto CD (one CD per book) and played on a maxiumum of 3 separate devices (computers, portable players, phones, etc.). There are over 40,000 titles to choose from, plus audio versions of magazines, foreign language lessons and up-to-the-minute news content -- for example you can download the daily audio digest of The Wall Street Journal. This is a monthly subscription service which gives you 1-2 credits per month to redeem towards your downloads. Almost all books are worth 1 credit. Unused credits rollover from month to month.

eMusic's audiobook downloads come in the universally recognized MP3 format, which can be played on any digital player, including iPod. Downloads can also be burned onto an unlimited number of CDs and played on an unlimited number of devices (computers, portable players, phones, etc.) Like Audible, eMusic is a subscription service where you receive 1 credit per month to redeem towards downloads. Most books are worth one credit; some are worth two. eMusic is slightly cheaper than Audible, but has a smaller selection of titles and there is no rollover feature - your unused credits expire each month.

For those who would prefer to buy their audiobooks a la carte instead of using a monthly subscription plan, Audible.com has partnered with iTunes to offer tens of thousands of titles starting at $.95 each. Audiobooks only play on iPods and iPhones and you can only burn to a CD once per title.