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The hands-down favorite with the teen to 20s crowd. This is Estee Lauder's urban-trendy brand.

Before acquiring M.A.C., Clinique was Estee Lauder's original "starter" brand for make-up. It doesn't come close to having the buzz that M.A.C. has, but is considered to be a more traditional and classic choice. Known for its lemon-yellow "Dramatically Different" moisturizer.

Stila was started by celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell, the wife of ER actor Anthony Edwards. Stila is known for its light and natural-looking formulations. A popular alternative to M.A.C. with the teen to 20s crowd. Pronounced STEE-lah.
Free shipping and sample with $65 orders.

L.A. cosmetics line started by the great-grandsons of make-up legend Max Factor. Like M.A.C., Smashbox has hip, minimalist packaging.
Free samples and free shipping with every order.

Urban Decay
Known for their edgy and hardcore cosmetics with color palettes like Stray Dog, Roach, Hazmat and Mullet. Urban Decay also shows its softer side with a section devoted to vegan cosmetics.
Free shipping with $75 orders.

Too Faced - Known for their fun, kitschy, Hollywood-inspired makeup.

Benefit - This San Francisco cosmetics boutique brand has a fun, retro feel.

Origins.com - Estee Lauder's earthy cosmetics brand.

DuWop - A favorite brand around Hollywood. Known for their lip plumping Lip Venom.

Hard Candy Los Angeles brand that hit it big in the mid-90s with its fun nail polish colors. Now carries a full cosmetics line. Packaging is over-the-top girlish -- lots of rhinestones and hearts.

Tarte - NYC boutique brand known for its signature award-winning push-up gel-stick cheek stain and unusual packaging materials (denim, ribbons, leather).